Ceiling Distributors





IMG_3354Ceiling Distributors is the preferred supplier of custom made perforated and slotted timber paneling for small to medium projects including restoration of older ceilings.

Ceiling Distributors will manufacture perforated and slotted timber paneling to any specification. While being perfect for general construction, minimum quantity requirements are also ideal for restoration work.

The staff at Ceiling Distributors draw on their vast experience in the IMG_3108industry to identify and provide solutions for individual ceiling design challenges with a focus on noise reduction, light reflection and conserving of energy.

Ceiling Distributors offer a range of Grid Systems & Accessories to manufacture unique architectural designs and can match materials and profiles to restore or extend existing ceilings.

IMG_2304Ceiling Distributors also carry a large range of:

+ Timber Acoustic Panels
+ Veneers
+ Perforated, grooved, slotted, lacquered and painted panels.
+ Perforated and slotted plasterboard
+ Fibre cement, MDF and special veneers for installation to acoustic walls and acoustic ceilings.

At Ceiling Distributors we understand the importance ceilings play in the overall design of a building.

For further information refer to www.ceilingdistributors.com.au or contact Michael Reid on 0409 996 927 or 1300 071 090.